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Nothing compares to the taste of biting into a perfectly ripened peach picked right off the tree, or a juicy grape just plucked from the vine. This sense of incomparable freshness is what the Just PickedTM brand is all about. Produce that delivers on that “plucked from the tree” taste with unparalleled visual appeal. Just PickedTM promises that transportive moment when we remember again what great tasting fruits and vegetables really taste like. To ensure our Just PickedTM freshness, all of our produce is from Canadian orchards, fields, and greenhouses.


From searching the globe, Big Taste® has found produce that is full of flavour and amazing quality. Sourced from the greenhouses and fields of fantastic growers, Big Taste® is pushing the boundaries and making food fun again. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, Big Taste® embodies the heart and soul of growers from every corner of the globe.




Artisanal Growers is rooted in our desire to capture what was good and honest from the past, combined with our need to be current, and constantly evolve. The brand stands for the perfect balance of the latest growing techniques that result in the best possible produce on the market, mirrored by an equal passion for appreciating food provenance, freshness, and taste. Knowing where your food comes from and how it is grown is now just as important as how it looks and tastes. Artisanal Growers embodies this new awareness and appreciation for food that is truly grown well.